Sandra van Diemen

Vakantie 2010: The Netherlands

I have never been a really active child. Never have been a really active person.
This all changed when I wanted to lose weight. I started excercising and got a bit addicted. This resulted in me buying a roadbike and eventually getting the idea to cycle around the Netherlands.
It was my first cycling holiday. To stay true to nature I decided to go camping on natuurkampeerterreinen. You can find the website over here. I planned my route between these campsites, brough along my friend the Garmin GPSMAP60cx and just cycled. At the time I was 20 years old, going on my first ever adventure.
Laughed, cried and met some of the nicest people.
The picture on the bottom left. The owner of the site told me to put my tent up just next to that boat. That way I could dive straight into the water when I woke up the next morning.

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